Windows 10 S mode

If your computer has Windows 10 S (aka Windows 10 in S mode) installed there are reasons you may want to switch to a regular Windows 10.  

The good news:  It is relatively easy to switch out of Windows 10 S mode.

The bad news:  Once you have switched out of S mode Microsoft says you can't go back.

If you've decided you still want to switch out of S mode just click on the Start button and select Settings.


Next click on Update & Security.

update and security

Now click on Activation and then Go to the Store.

activation - go to store

At the store you should see something like this below:

S mode switch

Click the Get button.  You may be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account.  After that you should see the message below:

All set, S mode switch done

Your computer is no longer in S mode.